chemaccino good, but not good for you

Monday, November 24, 2003
I got nothing.
One would think that, if one were to have to live in one's parents' basement, that it would be preferable that the basement were a finished basement, rather than an unfinished basement.
One would be wrong, and let me tell you why.
Finished basements tend to get put to use - the kind of use that regularly requires owners to actually go and use. That means that, in my particular case, my parents regularly come down into the basement for the following things:
reference books and magazines
old work files
Actually, the only things they need regularly are wine, laundry, and catalogs, all of which are my father's domain.
Hi, Dad. Oh, nothing, just trying to grab a nap, that's why I'm on the bed with all the lights off, thanks for turning them on.
Oh, hi, yeah, nothing, just getting dressed. Yes, that's why I'm inside this closet. Let me know when you leave.

I'm delaying actually bringing up the privacy issue until I get a job of some kind and am going out to make money during the week. Otherwise, they'll just be like,
Why do you need a nap? You don't do anything all day.
Why don't you get changed during the eight hours we're out of the house, or late at night, when we've gone to sleep, and you're still up?

Yes, as soon as I secure employment, even if temporary, I will have a good case for myself:
I can't have you two coming downsairs whenever you feel like it anymore; I need ROOM to move around to get into my pantyhose.

Sunday, November 09, 2003
Bad moon on the rise?
I will not be posting for a while, because
1. I don't have an admin job currently, nor will I for a while, I think, because
2. I no longer have a car and have just relocated to a place with no public transportation, and
3. My computer was destroyed along with my car when that lady failed to notice the rest of us on the highway had all been forced to stop for construction.
My car forced her to stop.
She's okay, I'm okay, but my car no longer has a trunk and my computer became one with the car's frame.

In conclusion, I am super-screwed with no money, no job, no car, no computer, and I'm living in my parents' basement.
But I'll be sure to write from my next suck-ass job, so tune in every month, just in case!