chemaccino good, but not good for you

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Constitutional Pseudodemocracy!

Have you ever felt like everything's just Not quite what it once was, or what it should be? And I'm not talking about the disenchantment of discovering that real life isn't what you had hoped for in your youth, I'm talking about things just being weird, like, you're already disenchanted, but now you've moved into a world where Dali's dripping clocks might possibly fit.
I was thirsty.
There was just a bit, a few ounces, left in the bottle.
So I drank it, hoping it wouldn't be too awful.
And I Liked It.
I LIKED the pure, virgin, diet tonic water.
Something is definitely the hell wrong with me.

How about we talk about it over a few pints of quinine?

Monday, June 28, 2004
When will Then be Now?
What if we don't find a place in the areas we're looking in?
What if we find a nice place but don't know how nice it is and let it go?
What if I can't get to the law library today?
What if I keep procrastinating all my class reading and end up not being ready for class on the one day it matters?
Which day would that be?
What is up with the take-home final for that one class where it's like, 100% of our grade as far as we can tell?
Why are so many Netflix movies arriving scratched and/or cracked?
Will we starve if I continue to put off the grocery shopping?
What excuse will I use today to put off the grocery shopping?
Is there an insect problem in the kitchen?
In the bathroom?
How could we know if a place we look at has an insect problem?
How will I pay all my bills between now and August, when I start working again?
Have I been making my upper-case script 'G's wrong all my life?
Why can't I just enjoy what's supposed to be an exciting, happy time?
Why do people think this is an exciting, happy time?

Friday, June 25, 2004
Here is a list of accomplishments of the past two days:
1. Laundry washed/dried/folded
2. Parents' old computer (on loan for paralegal course) set up in desk-ish area
3. Eight SWEET tickets scored, free, to Friday night's game (yeah, it may get rained out, but did I mention FREE?)
4. Parents' old computer hooked up to the DSL
5. Car moved Thursday morning (again) to cheaper metered spot.
6. This site fixed to look ok in IE (pending confirmation from others)
7. Drove to library for late-night book return

Oh, did you think I did all this? No, no, it was SuperBeau. I did just #2 and #6.

In other news, we received a replacement disc for Sopranos Season 2 from Netflix because the first was smashedy-broken, and the replacement was all cracked, too! The hell?? Anyone else encountering Netflix issues?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Dear Karma,
I lend my notebook of classnotes overnight to the classmate who missed half of class today because of her sick 1-yr-old, and how do your repay me? You pay me in puke!
I am, of course, referring to the horrendous commute back home after class, coupled with the second evening of a row of The Parking Nightmare of living within walking distance to a baseball stadium.
Are my note-taking skills so poor that you couldn't grant me even a metered space that could house my car overnight? Because, yet again, I will have to make a late-night jaunt to retrieve and move my car tonight after the game*, and by then, like last night, all the non-metered spots will be taken, and I will end up having to park at an overnight meter and having to go out and move my car again tomorrow at 8am, or feed the meter $1/hr in 2-hour intervals**.

The Adminho

*This really cuts into my drinking.
**This cuts into my drinking money study time.

Sunday, June 20, 2004
Phrases from cases I've read this week that would make good band names or album titles:
Miraculous Nut Dust
Misused Steers
The Tangible Factors
Damages for Embraces
Of Two Rings
Scrubby Lot

(Are we having fun yet?)

Saturday, June 19, 2004
...and another thing
I haven't been reading any blogs lately (otherwise occupied), and tonight, I read and discover everyone's switching to gmail? Yuck, dude, yuck. I mean, I got myself an account a few months back, but I still prefer yahoo. gmail creeps me out that they search my mail to figure out how to market products to me or whatever. I can't handle that shit.
Anyway. WTF is with the big gmail surge?

Oh-so-Important Status Update:
It's 360ish days later, and "case law" still sounds like "cole slaw" to me.

It's a hindrance.

FIRST of all...
I won't apologize, because all I have to work on is a borrowed Mac laptop, which is nice in unimportant ways, but not-nice in the more-important ways, like the only button available in Blogger in ANY of the browsers is spell-check, which I never use anyway. Among other things.

JUDGING books by their cover
and when I say "books" I mean "fellow students" and when I say "cover", I mean "attitudes, affects, and demeanor".
There are a few Types Of Student into which many can be clumped. And when I say "clumped" I mean "categorized".
There are about 22 students total in the class, by the way. Only one man. His name is Robert, and he is middle-aged. When I say "middle-aged" I mean that he is significantly older than myself, but younger than my parents. In the middle of those ages, but not in the Middle Ages.

TYPE #1: Undergrad and Underfed: These girls are just that, and all that, and bright-eyed and make-up-y, and girl, let me tell you, wearing a thong isn't going to keep us from noticing that your white linen capris are transparent. I think these girls take the course to count towards their BA. And oh, no, I'll call them women when they act like women.

TYPE #2: Boost is not just a beverage:These are 40-ish women who have either hit a wall where they have to get the certification in order to advance in their job, or they are looking to get a new job, or somehow, being a paralegal will help in some job capacity. Boost. at their job. Dig? These women tend to know more than most of the rest of us students, and sometimes they will comment about how old they are. Two of them have had recent leg surgery. What is THAT about?

TYPE #3: New Moms back-to-work: Had babies. Babies growing. Time to get a job. New moms are nice as classmates, because they don't know anything and they don't pretend to. They're just glad they got a sitter. Also they are friendly.

TYPE #4: Laid-off 20-somethings: Hey, that's me! And this other girl! And this guy who came to our Ethics lecture as a make-up for the course he's taking at a different site! And maybe some other people! We tend to be pretty quiet. We don't know much, and we've temped enough to know it. Unlike some....

TYPE #5: Newly-minted BAs, or, That Totally Snotty Bitch: In class? She's all, I know what that means. and instructor's all, what? and she's just like, that means that the writ of certiorari was denied, and that the court wouldn't review it. And the instructor's all how do you know that? and she's all because I took some courses about the Supreme Court. And the instructor's all, ok, but how do you know that based on the text? and she's like, oh, here where it says "cert. denied". And the rest of us are all like Nice job showing off your courseload, bitch, like any of us care.
And then? At lunch? She found a way to work into conversation the fact that she had just graduated, as well as from where. Like it matters in a summer paralegal course. I try NOT to bring up my alma mater (see anecdote below), but I sorely hope that at some point in the future she looks to get an ego trip off of having gone to a better school than I did, and in the course of it gets fucking Beaten Down. Because that's uncalled-for and mean. And I won't go looking for trouble, I swear. But I don't like the way she's treating the other classmates.

ANECDOTE from today
Today we had Research class at a law library, and it was Damn Cold in the classroom in the morning. Icicle cold. As soon as we had a break, I ran to my car, to retrieve the Emergency Sweatshirt I keep in the trunk, which I had been fantasizing about putting on for over an hour. I grabbed the Backup Flannel Shirt, because the woman next to me (New Mom) was also cold. I wasn't happy about wearing the sweatshirt, because it has my school on it, and people's reactions to it make me uncomfortable.
Case In Point: Later, in the library, "Rebecca" (borrower of flannel) and I are working on some research questions together. We have to look up a regulation regarding what manicurists can be paid, and she mentions that she used to work as an aesthetician. I think that's totally cool, so I asked her some questions about it, like, what did she do, and where did she work... it was an interesting tangent. Then she asked where I had gone to school, and I told her. And of course, within the hour she's made a crack about oh, it's not like I went to [school].
Cracks like that really hurt my feelings, because I'm not a Type #5. I don't lord over people when I pick stuff up faster than they do, and most of the time I DON'T pick up faster anyway. If I do, I try to help others by attempting to explain my process so we can be on the same page together and work together.
And anyway, I wouldn't know how to give someone a profesional facial if my life depended on it. I'd probably end up giving them an unwanted chemical peel.

But whatever. I mean, I took all those courses about the Supreme Court.
(If only I could remember anything from them...)

Thursday, June 03, 2004
Right. OK. So, not working at that other place anymore, because I moved.
Not posting much because moved in with boyfriend.
Still don't have a Computer Of One's Own; PC laptop purchase suggestions welcome in the comments.
Meanwhile, stealing time on My Special Friend's machine (StupidMacLacksFunctionsIamUsedTo) for the few hours he is gone during the day and/or when he lets me use it. Mostly spending online time with old sb emails and/or in the Kingdom of Loathing. Suggestions re: which clan to join also welcome in comments.

Paralegal cert program begins mid-month. That will be funny to blog about, I suspect.

Until then, expect little from me. Today, I had fun helping some 6th graders have outdoor fun, but that's not good blogging. Check back in a week or so for The Madness Of The Paralegal Course.